ODC 2008

Is being planned in the yahoo group. If you aren't already a member & would like to come to ODC 2008, join the group for more details.

OzDariaCon is a fun experience for all involved & I would like it to continue to be, which is why I make the request that you give me the chance to get to know you before your first ODC.

Deviantart-related & Lew/Heroes-related

Well, this one's hairy. See, the link I'm about to post will probably start a flame war. In fact, it already has. There is an idiot printing out Heroes as a bound book, without Lew's permission. And another idiot telling me that Lew doesn't exist.

Now, here's the problem - you may need to scroll down to get to the meat of it. Do what you will with it.

Crosspost at will.

Daria Idol

The idea is that anyone eligable auditions for (insert country's name here) Idol (2006/7) wearing a t-shirt demanding Daria on DVD and singing a song about how they want Daria on DVD.

What we need:

* Someone to write the lyrics. (we don't need music. The way to get noticed at the Auditions & get on tv is to sound like crap or like an angel) If you want to write music too, go for it. Just remember most of us can't read it anyway. ;)

* Someone to design the shirt (something we can put on cafe press & whore out for preference)

* Anyone who is dedicated enough to the cause, the right age & physically able to get to their country's Auditions to do it.

So if you have any ideas for lyrics or shirt slogans or designs, post them here & we'll decide democratically (by pop poll) which one we'll go with. ;)

Please feel free to grab this post & crosspost it where you will
damon raaarrr


Okay, so I've been googling like crazy, to almost no avail. Does anybody have a link, or a list, of GOOD Daria/Trent fics? All I've come up with is FFnet entries, and we all know how evil THAT is. Help? :\
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ODC cancelled.

Not to worry. That needn't stop anyone from contacting anyone else and hanging out & watching Daria.

I just wanted my birthday back. ;) (among other things)



Day: Watching Daria, setting up stuff for odc themed party.
Evening: Lawndale After Dark BBQ. Watching Is It Fall Yet as evening wind-down.


Day: Port of Echuca Outing, with brunch at the Beechworth Bakery.
Evening: Dinner out at Shamrock Hotel.Watching Is It College Yet as evening wind-down.


Day: Watching Daria, packing up for those who are leaving.
Evening: Watching Daria, seeing off people who are leaving. Possible rpging for those who are staying and interested.
Brody Dalle


Hi, I'm Kat, 18, been watching Daria since I was a kid, absolutely love it despite not having seen the movies or some of the later eps.
I taped some of the eps when I got Foxtel, but of course as soon as I got Foxtel, MTV stopped screening them. I do have the two books though. :D
I've never been to any type of con before and I'd really like to come to the next one... when is it going to be?