Tafka (floopyboo) wrote in ozdariacon,

The Price of Fandom

Cost for ODC will be approximately $100 per person if you attend all of the outings and stuff.

$30 for the BBQ
$40 will get you a decent meal at either Nik's Taverna or the Shamrock Hotel (whichever we end up choosing)
$25 for the Port of Echuca Outing.

Come to whatever ones you want to come to - the only restrictions are:

1) I will need to know about a month ahead of time if you're coming to the dinner so that I can book an appropriate-sized table for our group.

2) Costumes are required for the BBQ - it's a tradition and part of the fun. But it's up to you if you interpret 'after dark' as formal wear or fetishwear or something in between. Be aware that this event may not be child friendly as there will be alcohol and some costumes will probably not be safe for kids.

Some extra spending money is advisable for the Port of Echuca Outing as we will be brunching/lunching at the Beechworth Bakery again, and there are lots of things to blow money on in the Port of Echuca.

I'd also like RSVP by the end of December if you're intending on coming to ODC next year, as I'm hosting this in my home.

Don't forget your camera. :)
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