Tafka (floopyboo) wrote in ozdariacon,

Daria Idol

The idea is that anyone eligable auditions for (insert country's name here) Idol (2006/7) wearing a t-shirt demanding Daria on DVD and singing a song about how they want Daria on DVD.

What we need:

* Someone to write the lyrics. (we don't need music. The way to get noticed at the Auditions & get on tv is to sound like crap or like an angel) If you want to write music too, go for it. Just remember most of us can't read it anyway. ;)

* Someone to design the shirt (something we can put on cafe press & whore out for preference)

* Anyone who is dedicated enough to the cause, the right age & physically able to get to their country's Auditions to do it.

So if you have any ideas for lyrics or shirt slogans or designs, post them here & we'll decide democratically (by pop poll) which one we'll go with. ;)

Please feel free to grab this post & crosspost it where you will
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